Antique Fishing Tackle - Thomas Turner & Sons

Antique and Vintage Fishing Tackle

Thomas Turner & Sons are suppliers of antique and vintage fishing tackle, rods, reels and accessories. With huge stock of vintage & antique fishing tackle we ship throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Antique Hardy rods and reels

We specialise in Hardy antique and vintage rods and reels, we also carry a large stock of other collectable and secondhand tackle, rods, reels and accessories by makers such as Pezon & Michel, Sharpes, Bruce and Walker, ABU, Mitchell, Allcocks, Farlows, James, etc.

Condition Rating

The following grades are used to define condition of stock, (A) 'Pristine' As new Condition (B) 'Little Used' 85 % - Original (C) 'Good Average Condition' 70 % Original (D) 'Well Used' Flaws As Stated